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About Gear Point

GEAR POINT; one-stop shop for the professional!

Gear Point is the new name for the wholly renewed formula of Gear For Professionals (GFP bv). Gear Point is part of the Safety Concepts Group and it was established from the initiative of the affiliated companies ‘Ascent Safety’ and ‘Safe Tactics’.

Ascent Safety

Ascent Safety is a specialised expertise centre in comprehensive solutions for safely working, rescuing providing and medical assistance at difficult to access places. Consultancy, training and providing necessary equipment form the cornerstones of our enterprise. Ascent is NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certified and member of IRATA and has therefore proven to wield strict quality and safety standards. Ascent operates from two business units:

Ascent Medical forms one of the biggest training facilities in the field of first aid assistance in the Netherlands. Besides numerous ‘standard’ training programmes, we offer a variety of specialized modules. We organize these programmes for private individuals, but also for businesses, educational institutions, within the industry and several (semi-) government agencies such as the police, prison services and fire- & rescue department.

Ascent Height Safety and Rescue involves mainly safety and rescue solutions for departments such as the fire department, construction and renovation, industry, energy and telecom.

From a risk management concept we offer a comprehensive solution which does not only entail the delivery of all relevant equipment, but also a risk assessment, safety and rescue procedures, training and inspections.

One of our cornerstones is the providing of training. This will usually take place in our training facilities in Amersfoort and Den Helder: 800m² and are provided with a great number of objects with which almost every practical situation can be simulated effectively.

Besides that, Ascent is also distributor and supplier of all necessary equipment and accessories and you can contact us for individual advice in the field of for example personal protection and rescue equipment. Sale of this equipment has recently been placed within the new formula “Gear Point”.

For more detailed information, check and (in Dutch).

Safe Tactics 

Safe Tactics offers high specialist solutions for special law enforcement and military units. Worldwide. We are experts in the supply of total concepts: training, equipment and consultancy in one instance.

Safe Tactics is manufacturer of the brand TAGS | Access Gear; high quality technological equipment that is used globally by “top-notch” police and defence units for providing access in urban areas and maritime operations. With the use of final consumers we developed a great number of innovative solutions! Our extensive training programme can be offered in our especially therefore equipped training facility in Amersfoort (600m²) or on a fit distance from the final consumer. Anywhere in the world. With Safe Tactics you will encounter experts who can boast about their many years of “hands-on” experience. Besides specialism, ACCESS covers Safe Tactics with a wide range of forced entry to covert surveillance. We deliver these services and equipment exclusively to government bodies.

Additionally, we offer innovative equipment to Police, Justice, reputable security companies and Defense. The sale of a part of this equipment has recently been placed with “Gear Point”. Safe Tactics is the Dutch importer of 5.11 Tactical Series. Therefore it’s not surprising that sister company Gear Point with her 5.11 Tactical Concept Store proves to be the main dealer in the Netherlands; almost the complete collection from stock is available.

Check for more information.

Gear Point; combining strenght and knowledge!

When Safe Tactics and Ascent Safety are mainly specialized in advertisement, training and the offering of solutions for highly complex issues, Gear Point focuses completely on the delivery of professional equipment for a wide professional audience; both in-store and online:

  • Business to business
  • Business to government
  • Business to consumer

With the support of their specialized sister companies Ascent and Safe Tactics, Gear Point offers a for the Netherlands unique concept with the focus at:

  • Customer oriented advice by specialists*
  • Optimized logistic processes (delivery from stock)
  • High degree of service orientation and flexibility
  • “Integration” of in-store and online salesmanship

*For very specific or complex questions we advise to always make an appointment with one of our specialists beforehand!

See you in our store in Amersfoort!