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RolaTube Expeditionary Systems (REX)

Rolatube distributer Benelux

Gear Point is proud to be the exclusive distributor of RolaTube Expeditionary Systems (REX) for the BeNeLux (Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg) market.

RolaTube delivers simple, lightweight and highly compact solutions (mast products and structural systems) for field operations by using the revolutionary Bi Stable Reeled Composite (BRC) Technology.

RolaTube systems and products have been in service with the UK, US and other leading militaries of the world for a number of years and have been used extensively on combat operations. They are thus proven by the most exacting customers and in the most arduous environmental conditions.

RolaTube Technology can be applied to a multitude of applications required by the Military and Civil Defence, Police, Public safety, Security and Disaster Relief sectors. RolaTube has a unique range of products, to summarize:

  1. Integrated Antenna Masts with RF antenna (IAM’s)
  2. Standard Mast Systems
  3. Tripods
  4. Special Projects (custom made)

IAM’s (both Squad and Team) systems are simply “plug and play” (deploy the mast with RF-antenna, connect your radio to the flying lead and you are communicating). Absolutely no requirement for separate antenna assembly and mounting.

For more information and/or demonstrations please contact ruben[at] or go to

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RolaTube Expeditionary Systems